A Game About Fried Eggs Press Kit


Developer : PurpleRobo Studio (Based in South Korea)
Release Data : January 2021
Genre : Physics-based hyper casual game
Plaforms : Android (Google Play)
Website : purplerobo.kr
Press Contact : purplerobo.games@gmail.com

There’s nothing to understand.
Just toss the fried eggs.
If you want a relaxing experience, A Game about Fried Eggs is perfect for you.
But remember: egg yolks can be delicate!

. Available on Android device
. Simple rules but challenging gameplay : Toss the fried eggs and don’t burst the yolk.
. Physics-based
. 100 stages
. Various interactable objects
. Epic ending to a hyper casual game
. Humourous and relaxing illustrations
. Realistic sound fx
. Challenge Mode enabled after ending.
. Fried eggs